Monday, June 27, 2011

Facebook it's a new week sliding into Fourth of July

Facebook We had a great 4 days, 3 nights at sea charter, and The Feinster's were quiet generous with their tip to Capt. Chris and Frechie! Everyone was very happy, a bit more sun one was lost at sea, went overboard or anything weird or scary so all is good! The first night, Capt. Chris jumped in the water and took the spear gun to add some hog fish to the menu! I know that the charter loved it! We will keep you in the know on that one; also we had a great wedding charter yesterday, with Ron (Chapel by the Sea) officiating the ceremony; a beautiful perfect couple! pictures are coming soon.

You also can call any time seven days a week and design your charter any way you wish; if we don't have what you want on our web site just ask. We are flexible and can work within your ideas and budget. Local friendly, we love to have fun with you!

Capt. Albert and Ronda Tropea

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Ship's bLog Another Weekend in Paradise now back to work but; play for us too!

Ship's bLog had another good weekend-nobody got drunk or naked, it was very relaxed around the docks; the bottom of the boat Wild Thing! was cleaned middle of last week and had just a few minor glitches, so I am going work on the electric system again today. Since we have two boats, and we are sailors, after all, it's so easy to put up a sail or jib... if we have issues or mechanical electrical distractions.

Bev and David Boone just left this morning after having a stay/sail/ snorkel weekend with us. They added a couple of hours to their free 2 hour sail included with their 2 overnights at the dock. The weather was a blessing in disguise, as it was slightly overcast, so the air was much cooler than you would expect, and we get "sea breezes" staying mostly in the mid 80's since February; so why bake in the Mid West and North East when you can sail away with us?

call me, 305 304 4911

9 am - 9 pm EST

Enjoy your Monday Folks.

Have a good week and let's go sailin'

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ship's bLog It's a Wrap! Great filming of Duarte Marine's Solo mooring device, and a wedding honeymoon package that could not be beat; great weekend

Ship's bLog Our weekend was a busy one, and we are just catching our breathe! We had Duarte Marine here on Obsession filming our newest addition to our boats services, a self-mooring device! This will come in handy when we are sailing in areas far from shore.

The wedding package that Sheena and Tim Hodges enjoyed included pictures on a uninhabited beach! Derek and Robin Holk from Houston, Texas were just here, ASA certified sailors themselves, and made up some mean green mojitoes for Capt. Rich and Frenchy! they were at sea this weekend and it was a perfect charter. Capt. Rich reported that there was a huge Goliath Group the size of our couch that cruised slowly past our Frenchy with the happy snorkelers in the water just after a school of medium swordfish swam by! The thunder in the distance was the short little storm loud but in the middle of the night we had up the Keys a bit with some welcomed rain!

We are getting ready for friends from Panama (the country ) to join us for my wife's birthday June 15th out sailing with their family all day to share stories about life in his country!

Then, June 18-Bev and David Boone join us for a personal charter stay at the docks; he's a pilot and has been to Key West several times and just cannot wait to show Bev around the town! They are traveling all over and are in California right now. We are glad to have them aboard Wild Thing! They are going to upgrade to a four hour sail (they get two hours of sailing in their 2 day package anyway) and bring some friends staying elsewhere in town.

Sunday my wife Ronda and I went to Homestead and brought back two boxes of mangoes; They will be the frozen treats and drinks we will enjoy through the holidays and we also have a box of lechees to enjoy.

It's always a good day in the Florida Keys and especially when you do your own private charter your way with us.

We love what we do and it shows! We live on Key West time and your time your way.

305 304 4911 9 am - 9 pm EST any day of the week.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ship's bLog Getting ready for the weekend already!

Ship's bLog Everybody's working for the weekend and we are no exception - well except what we call work is often play! Frenchy our first mate says "welcome to my office" in her Canadian accent it's even better, as she strolls across our decks and chats up the charters. It's true though, the boats are her office and she loves it- it shows! she and Tammy today spent a good deal of time shining up Obsession getting ready for a special filming of a self mooring device from Duarte Marine, a brand new invention from Tony Duarte and crew; if you are a solo sailor, keep a watch for this! We will keep you posted...

Also, a quick welcome back to Captain Rich, who said - without being too mean, that he could not take the pollution up north (we will just leave it at that) - after watching debris go past the boat he was in charge of, just said that's it, going to go back to Key West......And, we just talked to Robin and Derek, sailors in their own rights, are just this moment stepping aboard the Wildthing! The crew will put a coat of wax on Wildthing! during the day tomorrow while our charter walks around and explores Key West, and then sail off for another overnight on Saturday with Robin and Derek. Right now, they are getting back from exploring Mallory Square, walking by Schooner Wharf bar and plan to have some fun! Capt. Rich with the stylings of our Frenchy the first mate will pamper & spoil them prepare, cook and clean after each meal, and have a blast this weekend at sea.

The boats are comfortable, we want you to kick back literally, sprawl out on the decks and pretend you own the boat!

We know you are looking for an escape; hold it up - here's your sign: Gone sailin' in Key West; coming back - maybe never!

Wouldn't you rather be sailing with us?

Times are filling in quick for June we love it~ and July has a lot of inquiries today. Check out new pictures on FB by this evening of our visit with Expedia and crew. We only want to be better at what we do, personal and professional but fun charters; if you can dream it, we will bust our butts to do it!

Call me - 9 am - 9 pm EST daily! 305 304 4911
Capt. Albert with Ronda

ahoy mateys! it's time to give yourself permission to have some fun this summer with us!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ship's bLog: June 2011 Another great wedding charter!

Ship's bLog: June 2011-Dreams do come true! Sheena (Hodges) and Timothy Moore (now Mr. and Mrs. Moore) enjoyed their wedding/honeymoon package this past week June 4-5 and returned the docks to relax the last night in Key West. They were on a special package designed just for them.

We will have Face Book video/pictures up to see - a couple of pix today and more tomorrow of the new Moores' adventure. They stayed at the dock the first and third night much like our "Key West Sampler" but also did their wedding with the bouquet, his lapel was also adorned, a chocolate! wedding cake (watch for the pix) and I was the official doing the ceremony.

A sunset wedding, then overnight then a nice walk on the Boca Grande Beach; they were so cute walking on the beach together 11 miles out to sea! all for the price of what a gown would cost (well, I do not know for sure; then just about the same $ and her gown was just magnificent. Can you tell my wife Ronda helped me with words?) They were met at the dock the second day of their stay, after her hair and makeup was amazingly beautiful done by a local mobile artist; she did not need any make up we thought! then- Food for the overnight, fuel, crew, sodas, water, fun, snorkel gear; Oh and we included our pictures, gave them a CD just before they left after stopping in Ramrod Key to say goodbye, picking up sandwiches and drinks from the Five Brothers #2 just down the road from our home. Before you give away a lot of money to the canned weddings, we can save you big and make it stress free down in Key West!

Dress relaxed, dress up, or wear a swim suit and sandals.

Life is good; if it needs more good in your life, call me Albert 305 304 4911 9 am - 9 pm any time EST

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Saturday, June 4, 2011 What a fun life let's see who reads this one!

Well, my wife just won't share the "fun in the sun" that is borderline adult rated but here it is anyway and let's see who reads it!  Life is different here in Key West; we let people do what ever they wish!  Last night and then again today our current charter is so fun, our first mate that is alternative brought her partner and last night then again today, well, let's say that a show was put on.  The charter just wanted to hang out on Duval with our first mate and her partner, then today, oh well, let's just party! they are two fun straight guys just wanting to have good friends and good guides around; they did not care and encouraged our girls to cuddle each other and give a toast to the sunset! what can we say? do whatever you want your way.    There are many stories we won't repeat because what you do in Key West, stays in Key West. One of our captains recently got back from New York ; reason? he was asked to stay in touch with someone who wanted a driver to go to NY.   Alternative, nude sun bathing, we don't care what  ever you want is our command.  Tomorrow we sail out with a great couple, pregnant who are getting married at sea having an overnight.

How romantic is that/ it's on your own terms.

Live life out loud life is good.

see how at sea.

Memories of a lifetime in a few days!

If you want to have something special birthday, anniversary, commitment vows, if you dream it most likely we can do it or already have! tell us what you want to happen for you and your charter.

Capt. Albert available 9 am - 9 pm           EST
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ship's bLog Key West Sailing Adventure living out the dream!

Ship's bLog Yesterday we had a super family aboard and we enjoyed the brisk sailing, good conversations with the son and daughter having just graduated with their PHd's and mom and dad aboard living out a dream! weather is usually different here than even 30 miles away, almost always different from Miami. So if you love sailing, want to stay on the Obsession our 37 ft. O'day or 44 Ft. Morgan with a hard top, the WildThing, call me 9 - 9 EST 305 304 4911 and tell me what you want to do with your sailing dreams. Stay aboard, sail, sail out to sea and stay on anchor. Flexible packages, we can work with your budget and thoughts in mind.

wouldn't you rather be sailing instead of watching TV or looking at videos about sailing? live the dream; come and become the adventure!

Capt. Albert Tropea and Ronda Rinald
owners/ operators