Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ship's bLog Key West Sailing Adventure living out the dream!

Ship's bLog Yesterday we had a super family aboard and we enjoyed the brisk sailing, good conversations with the son and daughter having just graduated with their PHd's and mom and dad aboard living out a dream! weather is usually different here than even 30 miles away, almost always different from Miami. So if you love sailing, want to stay on the Obsession our 37 ft. O'day or 44 Ft. Morgan with a hard top, the WildThing, call me 9 - 9 EST 305 304 4911 and tell me what you want to do with your sailing dreams. Stay aboard, sail, sail out to sea and stay on anchor. Flexible packages, we can work with your budget and thoughts in mind.

wouldn't you rather be sailing instead of watching TV or looking at videos about sailing? live the dream; come and become the adventure!

Capt. Albert Tropea and Ronda Rinald
owners/ operators

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