Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's been a December we want to Remember for Key West Sailing

 What a wonderful holiday season for us and our lucky stay// sail charters! Many of our clients are enjoying the wonderful 80 degree days and glorious sunsets like this one!
Just take a look at these Key West colors for the holiday season!  Flowers, palm trees, beautiful skies!
 Fun in the Sun everywhere you go, at the beaches, on our sailboats, people staying at anchor with us, eleven miles at sea, watching bald eagles playing, egrets, hawks and seagulls, and a few kayaking in front of an uninhabited island.  My wife, Ronda said, "every day, it's like we are on a movie set, or a reality show!"  
                                                         and  yes, so it seems some days.                                                  
 Look at these two, Teresa and Steve, here with us a couple of weeks ago, celebrating their 20th Anniversary!  They went out to sea overnight and we also invited them for lunch at our home.  
 Sailing open ocean, with lots of breezes, both boats went out to anchor off with two separate stay/sailing charters.  They were anchored off relaxing having dinner under the stars by sunset.
 We like to have you live like the locals, relax and be comfortable on our charter boats.
 Ronda says, to make sure that everyone is given a license to chill when you come stay with us in Key West!
Party like a rock star, or be low key, whatever suits you, stay in the middle of the historic seaport where anything you wish to do is close by.  Ronda sent around funny pictures of what her version of  12 days of Christmas in the Keys was like; this was 12 starfish a jammin'  
 Enjoy the feeling of the tropical atmosphere, whether at the docks, strolling through our historic seaport
We have had the most active season and still have people coming in for New Year's and folks at anchor last night and some more folks coming on board today.  The future looks bright and we hope yours is too in 2012