Friday, September 16, 2011


Facebook: Los Angeles comes to Key West! Two crew members, including a director, recently stayed two nights at sea with! We will protect their identities for now but let's just say the happened to be in the neighborhood (Miami) working on a new fall show!

Stay tuned for pictures and details if they allow us to post on our Face Book page under our company name or my personal name (Albert Tropea, Jr.) They had so much fun 10 miles at sea, wanting to be "away from it all even downtown Key West" for a couple of days. Swimming, snorkeling, exploring, sailing and fishing were on the itinerary! Frenchy, first mate and her friend Tammy were invited to take on the town when the crew returned from sea, exclaiming praises for their fun two day explore. They gave us their special diet needs which we are more personally concerned about more than ever, with more people turning to either vegetarian, or in their case, organic and high protein diet. Within reason and available shopping in Key West, we fulfill your menu needs for your trip out on anchor on our Key West Sampler packages or any overnights at sea. It is our goal to provide only the best service we can! Relax, and restore your energy with a special package with us. Make up your own like they did! It's summer all the time in Key West! We will have temps in the upper 80's from October (still have a few openings) November (almost sold out; only six days left where you can choose one of the boats) and December is mild too; so make plans now before it's too late and cold and grey where you are this winter.

Call any day of the week, 9 am - 9 pm and we will fill the bill on your dream vacation get away for up to six! At the dock, at sea or overseas!

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September 16, 2011

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