Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ship's bLog..KWSA 1.6.11

"What a wonderful sail Captain Albert" Nancy first mate reported ..."Yesterday, Capt. Brad and I were with our group and all of the sudden, a pod of dolphins jumped and played all around the boat! Everyone was all smiles!"

Another day in the Florida Keys with temps in in the 80's and today a small front will slightly cool it down to the upper 70's but that is what we love too, relaxed days, and sea breezes.....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Key West is warming up-January 1, 2011

Ship's bLog We got yet another call a second time this morning and our guests on one of the boats -Obsession, extended their stay; again! They wanted to go on board Wild Thing for their last night with us. Having stayed already two more days, they just cannot bear to leave. We have a sunset sail for another group going on the the Wild Thing Sail boat (needed a bit of cleaning and fluffing up, as our guests had a marrrvelous time last night!)

We did too; listening to breezes and fireworks, watching the hammock swaying outside our sliding doors overlooking the swim canal. Ahhhh - LIFE IS GOOD my wife Ronda said.

Picture yourself HERE in the Florida Keys, and in Key West!