Monday, June 20, 2011

Ship's bLog Another Weekend in Paradise now back to work but; play for us too!

Ship's bLog had another good weekend-nobody got drunk or naked, it was very relaxed around the docks; the bottom of the boat Wild Thing! was cleaned middle of last week and had just a few minor glitches, so I am going work on the electric system again today. Since we have two boats, and we are sailors, after all, it's so easy to put up a sail or jib... if we have issues or mechanical electrical distractions.

Bev and David Boone just left this morning after having a stay/sail/ snorkel weekend with us. They added a couple of hours to their free 2 hour sail included with their 2 overnights at the dock. The weather was a blessing in disguise, as it was slightly overcast, so the air was much cooler than you would expect, and we get "sea breezes" staying mostly in the mid 80's since February; so why bake in the Mid West and North East when you can sail away with us?

call me, 305 304 4911

9 am - 9 pm EST

Enjoy your Monday Folks.

Have a good week and let's go sailin'

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