Monday, June 13, 2011

Ship's bLog It's a Wrap! Great filming of Duarte Marine's Solo mooring device, and a wedding honeymoon package that could not be beat; great weekend

Ship's bLog Our weekend was a busy one, and we are just catching our breathe! We had Duarte Marine here on Obsession filming our newest addition to our boats services, a self-mooring device! This will come in handy when we are sailing in areas far from shore.

The wedding package that Sheena and Tim Hodges enjoyed included pictures on a uninhabited beach! Derek and Robin Holk from Houston, Texas were just here, ASA certified sailors themselves, and made up some mean green mojitoes for Capt. Rich and Frenchy! they were at sea this weekend and it was a perfect charter. Capt. Rich reported that there was a huge Goliath Group the size of our couch that cruised slowly past our Frenchy with the happy snorkelers in the water just after a school of medium swordfish swam by! The thunder in the distance was the short little storm loud but in the middle of the night we had up the Keys a bit with some welcomed rain!

We are getting ready for friends from Panama (the country ) to join us for my wife's birthday June 15th out sailing with their family all day to share stories about life in his country!

Then, June 18-Bev and David Boone join us for a personal charter stay at the docks; he's a pilot and has been to Key West several times and just cannot wait to show Bev around the town! They are traveling all over and are in California right now. We are glad to have them aboard Wild Thing! They are going to upgrade to a four hour sail (they get two hours of sailing in their 2 day package anyway) and bring some friends staying elsewhere in town.

Sunday my wife Ronda and I went to Homestead and brought back two boxes of mangoes; They will be the frozen treats and drinks we will enjoy through the holidays and we also have a box of lechees to enjoy.

It's always a good day in the Florida Keys and especially when you do your own private charter your way with us.

We love what we do and it shows! We live on Key West time and your time your way.

305 304 4911 9 am - 9 pm EST any day of the week.

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