Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ship's bLog dolphins swimming with us and sharks jumping out of the water playing???keywestsailingadventure.com

Ship's bLog Hi anyone out there following our great adventures we have something amazing over the weekend! A Dad with his boys joined us for one of our Key West Samplers and on the second day with us stayed at anchor overnight. Frenchie and I went out with them and let the boys steer the boat, fish and snorkel. While we were at one of the reefs, a shark lept out of the water spinning and rolling like a dolphin! Just a month ago, we have had wild dolphins join our charter and swim around the snorkelers! we think that maybe the "like" keywestsailingadventure as well!

I tried to send over some pix and may have to check and see; we were out at sea so far that it may be possible we were too far out from it all!

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Going to take a long night of sleep with a smile on my face!