Saturday, June 4, 2011 What a fun life let's see who reads this one!

Well, my wife just won't share the "fun in the sun" that is borderline adult rated but here it is anyway and let's see who reads it!  Life is different here in Key West; we let people do what ever they wish!  Last night and then again today our current charter is so fun, our first mate that is alternative brought her partner and last night then again today, well, let's say that a show was put on.  The charter just wanted to hang out on Duval with our first mate and her partner, then today, oh well, let's just party! they are two fun straight guys just wanting to have good friends and good guides around; they did not care and encouraged our girls to cuddle each other and give a toast to the sunset! what can we say? do whatever you want your way.    There are many stories we won't repeat because what you do in Key West, stays in Key West. One of our captains recently got back from New York ; reason? he was asked to stay in touch with someone who wanted a driver to go to NY.   Alternative, nude sun bathing, we don't care what  ever you want is our command.  Tomorrow we sail out with a great couple, pregnant who are getting married at sea having an overnight.

How romantic is that/ it's on your own terms.

Live life out loud life is good.

see how at sea.

Memories of a lifetime in a few days!

If you want to have something special birthday, anniversary, commitment vows, if you dream it most likely we can do it or already have! tell us what you want to happen for you and your charter.

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