Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What a great 2012 so far! saving a spot for you!

Recently on a wonderful charter, we were given a parade of turtles!  Several just like this one, were beside our sailboat, munching away at the jellyfish....just goes to show you that there is a balance in our nature in the Florida Keys!  

Waters around Key West have been much cooler for the "locals" but it's like a spring time swim even with early January cool down, it's going to warm up later this weekend to 77 degrees.  Not so bad.

Wild dolphins love to follow us lately.  We have such a natural setting and we love to anchor off, cook and dine under the stars.  There are no worries.  Simple life, simple living.  Wonderful things to do.

 We enjoy the simple life of living on an island!  
 Fishing off of an uninhabited island, a tradition for some for years.
 Quiet times at anchor; we love to cook in the galley and eat under the moon light.
 Simple pleasures, simple life just watching the sunset with friends.
 Sailing into the sunset.  We have so many fun charters during the holidays.  It can only get better!
 Wait, there is more to come! more exciting news in the next few weeks.  We turned away probably 20 charters during the last two weeks of December.  We will be ready to have more space and boat time in 2012.  We love sharing the experience of being at sea, sailing with your family or friends.  Weddings have been so wonderful this past year, people making their soulful commitments on our boats.  
 We take the time to provide a crew and let you take the wheel and learn to sail.  It's part of the lifestyle here.
All of our best for 2012.  It's already taking off in exciting ways we cannot even share yet, still finesse to be done;  there are so many good things in store.  Stay tuned.  You won't be disappointed.  Best wishes, Ronda and Capt. Albert with the Parti Poodles, Starsha and Zeno, Rocky the wonder cat who hunts with hawks.  

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's been a December we want to Remember for Key West Sailing

 What a wonderful holiday season for us and our lucky stay// sail charters! Many of our clients are enjoying the wonderful 80 degree days and glorious sunsets like this one!
Just take a look at these Key West colors for the holiday season!  Flowers, palm trees, beautiful skies!
 Fun in the Sun everywhere you go, at the beaches, on our sailboats, people staying at anchor with us, eleven miles at sea, watching bald eagles playing, egrets, hawks and seagulls, and a few kayaking in front of an uninhabited island.  My wife, Ronda said, "every day, it's like we are on a movie set, or a reality show!"  
                                                         and  yes, so it seems some days.                                                  
 Look at these two, Teresa and Steve, here with us a couple of weeks ago, celebrating their 20th Anniversary!  They went out to sea overnight and we also invited them for lunch at our home.  
 Sailing open ocean, with lots of breezes, both boats went out to anchor off with two separate stay/sailing charters.  They were anchored off relaxing having dinner under the stars by sunset.
 We like to have you live like the locals, relax and be comfortable on our charter boats.
 Ronda says, to make sure that everyone is given a license to chill when you come stay with us in Key West!
Party like a rock star, or be low key, whatever suits you, stay in the middle of the historic seaport where anything you wish to do is close by.  Ronda sent around funny pictures of what her version of  12 days of Christmas in the Keys was like; this was 12 starfish a jammin'  
 Enjoy the feeling of the tropical atmosphere, whether at the docks, strolling through our historic seaport
We have had the most active season and still have people coming in for New Year's and folks at anchor last night and some more folks coming on board today.  The future looks bright and we hope yours is too in 2012

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Party's Over, but it's always a FUN Festival in Key West!

The Fantasy Fest was a little bit rainy but, we had fun just the same; after all, with a theme like "Aquatic Afrolic", who cares? The snow and ice is already hitting places where friends and family are from Cape Cod to Colorado, and the rainy season is coming to a close here in the Keys. We have a stay charter we call the "Key West Sampler" for two checking into Obsession tomorrow and Nick and guest will stay at the docks the first night, relax and get used to the boat and get in step with the boat, stroll along the docks and take in a few sounds and sights, then Tuesday we come with their food and provisions, take them out on a 24 hour adventure sailing, snorkeling, fishing, exploring about ten miles out into the more natural Florida Keys. They will swim and relax, beach comb an uninhabited island, our first mate and captain treat them to a dinner under the stars (yes, we expect to have starry night with a nice slip of moon) and after an overnight at anchor, bring them back gradually the docks, after checking out a couple of reefs, and just sailing lightly back into the dock where they will spend one more night, maybe taking in the Duval night crawling spots. We cater to your whims and whatever package you choose, you can adapt to fit any day, tell us what you want! Come down and sail away with us! DECEMBER IS OPEN right up to the 23rd. THERE ARE A FEW OPENINGS BEGINNING AND END OF NOVEMBER.

Captain Albert and Ronda

9 am - 9 pm EST

305 304 4911

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ready for Fantasy Fest! November booked solid! December openings!

Dramatic sunsets, purple, mango, peach all winter! Most days in the 80's daytime, our nights in the 70's; the first three weeks of December are open (November is almost totally full!) so call us now if you plan to join us for any of our custom charters this fall and winter. We are ready for Fantasy Fest this week! Folks arriving already to stay on board one of the sail boats for several days. They will be in the midst of all the fun but secluded on the sailboat at night.

Call any day 9 am - 9 pm 305 304 4911!

email for best connection to us.

If we don't see you Fantasy Fest, stay safe this weekend for Halloween!

Capt. Albert and Ronda

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October in Key West! One opening for Fantasy Fest on Wildthing!

Can you believe it's October? Nice weather warm and light winds make for great sailing right now.  All of our November dates are booked! While several folks in West Virginia, North Carolina and Washington, DC got a dusting of snow this past week, we can tell you that it's always nice in the Fall and Winter here in our Sub Tropical zone.  Looking back at our summer, we had some of the most memorable weddings, sunset sails and at sea on anchor packages that we can recall in recent history.  Lots of wonderful weekends are open in October including 4 days right now at Fantasy Fest.  Call us now; October and December weekends open call anytime 9 am- 9 pm seven days a week.  Custom stay/sail charters.  Learn to sail and fish with your family.  Stay / Sail Charters - choose how ever many days you want at sea or at the docks.  

cell 305 304 4911

Happy October everyone! Sending you sunshine from the Florida Keys

Friday, September 16, 2011


Facebook: Los Angeles comes to Key West! Two crew members, including a director, recently stayed two nights at sea with! We will protect their identities for now but let's just say the happened to be in the neighborhood (Miami) working on a new fall show!

Stay tuned for pictures and details if they allow us to post on our Face Book page under our company name or my personal name (Albert Tropea, Jr.) They had so much fun 10 miles at sea, wanting to be "away from it all even downtown Key West" for a couple of days. Swimming, snorkeling, exploring, sailing and fishing were on the itinerary! Frenchy, first mate and her friend Tammy were invited to take on the town when the crew returned from sea, exclaiming praises for their fun two day explore. They gave us their special diet needs which we are more personally concerned about more than ever, with more people turning to either vegetarian, or in their case, organic and high protein diet. Within reason and available shopping in Key West, we fulfill your menu needs for your trip out on anchor on our Key West Sampler packages or any overnights at sea. It is our goal to provide only the best service we can! Relax, and restore your energy with a special package with us. Make up your own like they did! It's summer all the time in Key West! We will have temps in the upper 80's from October (still have a few openings) November (almost sold out; only six days left where you can choose one of the boats) and December is mild too; so make plans now before it's too late and cold and grey where you are this winter.

Call any day of the week, 9 am - 9 pm and we will fill the bill on your dream vacation get away for up to six! At the dock, at sea or overseas!

Captain Albert and Ronda
305 304 4911

email is
September 16, 2011

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