Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ship's bLog: June 2011 Another great wedding charter!

Ship's bLog: June 2011-Dreams do come true! Sheena (Hodges) and Timothy Moore (now Mr. and Mrs. Moore) enjoyed their wedding/honeymoon package this past week June 4-5 and returned the docks to relax the last night in Key West. They were on a special package designed just for them.

We will have Face Book video/pictures up to see - a couple of pix today and more tomorrow of the new Moores' adventure. They stayed at the dock the first and third night much like our "Key West Sampler" but also did their wedding with the bouquet, his lapel was also adorned, a chocolate! wedding cake (watch for the pix) and I was the official doing the ceremony.

A sunset wedding, then overnight then a nice walk on the Boca Grande Beach; they were so cute walking on the beach together 11 miles out to sea! all for the price of what a gown would cost (well, I do not know for sure; then just about the same $ and her gown was just magnificent. Can you tell my wife Ronda helped me with words?) They were met at the dock the second day of their stay, after her hair and makeup was amazingly beautiful done by a local mobile artist; she did not need any make up we thought! then- Food for the overnight, fuel, crew, sodas, water, fun, snorkel gear; Oh and we included our pictures, gave them a CD just before they left after stopping in Ramrod Key to say goodbye, picking up sandwiches and drinks from the Five Brothers #2 just down the road from our home. Before you give away a lot of money to the canned weddings, we can save you big and make it stress free down in Key West!

Dress relaxed, dress up, or wear a swim suit and sandals.

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  1. blogspot is actually keywestsailingadventures.blogspot

  2. Congrats Tim and Sheena! I hear the trip was amazing!