Monday, June 27, 2011

Facebook it's a new week sliding into Fourth of July

Facebook We had a great 4 days, 3 nights at sea charter, and The Feinster's were quiet generous with their tip to Capt. Chris and Frechie! Everyone was very happy, a bit more sun one was lost at sea, went overboard or anything weird or scary so all is good! The first night, Capt. Chris jumped in the water and took the spear gun to add some hog fish to the menu! I know that the charter loved it! We will keep you in the know on that one; also we had a great wedding charter yesterday, with Ron (Chapel by the Sea) officiating the ceremony; a beautiful perfect couple! pictures are coming soon.

You also can call any time seven days a week and design your charter any way you wish; if we don't have what you want on our web site just ask. We are flexible and can work within your ideas and budget. Local friendly, we love to have fun with you!

Capt. Albert and Ronda Tropea

305 304 4911

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