Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ship's bLog Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Ship's bLog Great Memorial Day Weekend for us about to kick into high gear, wishing YOU were here!! We have both boats booked, had a big long six hour fun day sailing to and from reef with some super people, and you can join us this summer too with family, friends, or make it a couples only retreat! or Face Book us if you want under Key West Sailing Adventure (or Albert Tropea Jr.) Take a look at the fun photos and make plans to join us too on your own adventure.

June brides, we are saving space for you~ under 3K you can have an intimate wedding, and still have a honeymoon at sea.

Flowers for you and groom, cake, the notary (is yours truly, Capt. Rev. Albert) then you sail into the sunset for as many days as you want to spend near uninhabited beautiful islands, snorkeling, fishing, swimming and dining under the stars. If you need to do re commitment vows or a special birthday just tell us what you want to happen. Space open at July 4th, so if we missed you this weekend, don't worry; be happy!

Take a look at our website,

Wouldn't you rather be SAILING?

305 304 4911

Monday, May 23, 2011

Key West Sailing Adventure - ready for the summer!

Key West Sailing Adventure Since the world did not end and we were out sailing waiting for the sunset, we decided "if it ends, we are at the end of the world this is the spot to be" .... we had on board our two parti poodles Starsha and Zeno with Alexandra and her mom Alicia, a new mate in training Tess, with Capt. Tom Spaulding, we set our GPS and could have navigated anywhere if need be. Seriously (well, as serious as we can be in the Florida Keys) ready for our summer, boats have openings so tell a friend to check us out since they can stay on board for their stay/sail charter and choose from a number of sailing packages. We do have an occasional request for pets to stay on board and we only ask if you would either make sure that they have their own cozy crate and that you at least have a good trained pet. Kind of like children; you just need to know your pet is ok with a boat. It's really easy to stay on board as we are in the middle of everything and it's just a few short steps to be anywhere when you are in the Historic Seaport. Call whenever you want more information at 304 304 4911 EST 9am - 9 pm and customize your package, tell us what you want. plan your vacation the way you want; live out the dream!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ship's bLog A Dog Day Afternoon! Sunset was amazing

Ship's bLog we enjoyed a wonderful day at with our furry friends Starsha and Zeno the parti poodles on board with Alicia (daughter in law) and Alexandra (grand girl) Capt. Tom and new mate in training Tess. It was a good day to watch the sunset, and we must have missed the end of the world since Key West is magical and being out in the ocean, well, it would have been a good day if it all came to an end! Needless to say, we were very happy to have smooth sailing, nice breezes and just flawless sunset. We do have some people that we have had bring dogs on board, but we do interview the guests and make sure that it is as fun for the dog and safe too for all.

Check out our Face Book page for pictures of the parti poodles.

call anytime you want to plan your own "dog day afternoon" family, friends, couples, it was a little spot of rain that disappeared in seconds just cooled us down just as we came into port.....9 am - 9 pm, check out our rates, or just ask,we will come up with your own package ideas.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ship's bLog: Ship's bLog May 11, 2011

Ship's bLog: Ship's bLog May 11, 2011: "Ship's bLog Key West is doing well on every level! super weather, growing economy, and everywhere people are happy...wish you were here! Su..."

Ship's bLog: Ship's bLog May 11, 2011

Ship's bLog: Ship's bLog May 11, 2011: "Ship's bLog Key West is doing well on every level! super weather, growing economy, and everywhere people are happy...wish you were here! Su..."

Ship's bLog May 11, 2011

Ship's bLog Key West is doing well on every level! super weather, growing economy, and everywhere people are happy...wish you were here! Summer specials include stay four days, fifth night is free!! Or, if you are local or already staying somewhere elsein town, just ask us about an afternoon of our best summer fun package "sail swim snorkel supper sunset" package!~ we will cook for you after you have sailed and went snorkeling and you relax as the sunsets. Sail with us this summer, 305 304 4911, with family, friends, couples, learn to sail, celebrate birthdays, restate vows, get married and let us take you out to the un inhabited islands for your honeymoon. Just recently, we were out frequently with clients that wanted to get away from it all and discover the true Key West style at sea!

It seems that economy is improving and we still have the best weather, plus we have not increased our prices in four years to help boost interest in making your choose for your Key West vacation. Key West has an international artistic flavor that is more like the Bahamas than the United States, but a good mix of all cultures live in peace here from many ports.

So if you are craving that island feel, relax on Key West Time with us! call 9 am - 9 pm EST seven days a week!

See you this summer~

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ship's bLog May and June Weddings

Ship's bLog We are starting to get more requests for weddings. We actually got married on our boat, handled everything we do for our guests normally that do weddings, so it was easy. For less than 3k, we do a complete wedding / honeymoon and it's more special when it's at sea. Tonight we booked another at sea adventure/wedding overnight!

Seems impossible that it is May already, and will be Mother's Day then Father's Day soon; families especially generational such as parents, with adult children and grand children like to come down for vacation during the summer when the reefs are so beautiful you can see through the water like glass!

Call us anytime you have an idea of something personal that you want to do at sea; family sailing, anniversary, celebrate a graduation, wedding/ honeymoon or restate your vows. It's your boat the whole time. We are different from some of the bigger boats, (which if you just want a quick trip out to sea with 40 other folks and don't mind that kind of trip, there are lots of those type of trips available here in Key West)- but we make sure that you feel relaxed have lots of breathing room and feel like you own your own yacht.

If you can dream it we will do it for you,

call me and ask how,

Capt. Albert

305 304 4911
9 am - 9 pm EST

May 3, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Key West Sailing Adventure celebrates May day with you!

iGoogle Key West Sailing Adventure recognizes "May Day! May Day!" as May we win! Osama -zero Obama-WON
As sailors, we recognize the terror at sea that still happens when real live pirate types like Osama Bin Laden invade our land and sea.

Osama terrorized his own people and we should remember the monster did harm his own followers. It's not the religion as much as it is the insane gene that runs through the extreme terrorists. It is hard to say it but if we are truly "spiritual" and want peace, we must also take a moment to pray for peace and pray for the families that have already lost so much. Our Navy Corpsman son now stationed in Jacksonville and recently spent time in GTMO. We are sensitive to this because we live just 90 miles from Cuba/GTMO. Most people agree that the terrorists are world wide criminals and should answer for their crimes.

In the meantime, we must practice restraint and patience.

We are so lucky to have the opportunity to have good health even though we complain about just most anything, we do at least, have opportunities to make better choices in the USA.

Taking a vacation and to dream a little dream of Key West should be at the top of your healthy choices too. We just got back from an overnight last night, a bit dramatic for the folks from the Netherlands, at least three water spouts sighted as the sun went down, twelve miles out - but no worries, everyone was fine on their real live adventure. Thursday night, we had perfect weather beautiful sunset sunrise with moonset at the same time. The family had on board a three year old and we enjoy having them visit every year.

Water spouts are a bit scary at sea, so it can be a different day almost any day. Our captains are never slow to act and take care to make good decisions when it comes to weather conditions at sea.

Memorial Day is booked out, so if you plan to be here for Father's Day call or contact us soon. Rates are flexible if you want to make a deal for summer now is the time to book early and get the best discounts. Fourth of July is perfect especially if you anchor off and watch at sea. Ask about a Key West Sampler when you call us. Follow the old time pirate routes.

Call Captain Albert 9 am - 9 pm any day!

Ronda for Captain Albert
Peace, out!

May 1-2, 2011