Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ship's bLog: Key West Sailing Adventure - Key West Florida Sailing Charters FL Sailing Charter Key West Yacht Charters

Ship's bLog: Tuesday, 2/22/11: Presidents Washington's birthday was today! Key West Sailing Adventure - Key West Florida Sailing Charters FL Sailing Charter Key West Yacht Charters

We have a busy week-it was a long weekend for many folks and Key West was full of tourists. Now, more of our customers choosing to go out to sea at least one maybe two nights at anchor during their stay. You really cannot appreciate what the Keys Style is unless you are at sea, this is an island town rich in history and in so much connection to the sea.

History Lesson of the Day, 1905-1912:
Henry Morrison Flagler built a railroad from Miami to Key West. The trip took eleven hours and cost $24.00 for a round trip, a considerable amount at the time, but now it takes about 4 hours more or less depending on flights into Miami, what you want to explore on the way down and it is much more relaxed and a better route than even the 1970's.

A family just got back today from an overnight and sailing charter at sea. "Frenchy" and Capt. Jim had a sailing fishing type of charter and with mom and dad, three children, it must have been quiet the experience for the family. The turtles were everywhere, and turtles were eating up any jelly fish or man o' wars out at sea, dolphins were coming up to the boat. "Frenchy" and Capt. Chris are going to turn around and team back up again for the first time since December to take two people out for two days Wednesday and Thursday nights. Boca Grande, Marquesa, and two reefs are on the plan so far, it just depends on the guests and what they want to do as well as the winds and weather. "Frenchy" plans to clean the Wild Thing tomorrow, shop for the other charter going back out to sea and has a sunset sail as well. Hopping from boat to boat is our newest member, "Sunshine" who is a boat cleaning fiend. Our staff is a nice blend of expertise. "Frenchy" was a Canadian figure skating champ and can hoist a sail as good as men on the helm, and "Sunshine" has a history of understanding how important it is to keep the systems and the boat in working order.

All of our staff work to make sure that provisioning the boat is according to wishes and personal needs of our customers. There is no one else that takes charters to stay on the hook/ at anchor that we know of and we have done it 14-15 years. Live like a local and follow the pirates' routes!

Thursday, another group takes out the Obsession and will be at docks for at least three nights. In their package, is included a free sail to the reefs at a time that they choose. Most of the Key West Charters to the reefs are set and only to one particular place without regard to weather or winds. We do take all those factors into consideration and take the customers to what we feel is a best choice for that day according to wind and weather. Other charter companies have only a set choice, and go there at a particular time; with us, you choose your time, no strangers on board, our crew take you out and first mates go in to the water with you to make sure that you are safe, having fun and are exploring/understanding the reefs.

As to the charter on Thursday; They check in while we are on the road in Ft. Lauderdale on Thursday. My wife, office mgr. and first mate that trains all of our help will have knee surgery. It is a busy week where our staff will really shine.

Talk about exploring me mateys! Argh!

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