Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ship's bLog Glorious Weekend in Florida Keys!

Ship's bLog February 19, 2011

We are really hopping from boat to boat this month and the next! If you are planning to stay with us, better call now for April and May.
Weddings will start booking too, so if you or a friend have a wish to be wed on the water, I can do it; I am now a 'captain-minister' for at sea weddings.
Key West is one of the top locations next to the Las Vegas wedding destination for weddings. I can put it together really quick and easy; we have wed over 60 couples in recent years, so let me take the stress out of your dream tropical wedding. I do everything, flowers for the bride and groom, nice cake with star fish and shell appointments made out of icing, help you find the court house for the license and answer any other questions.

Today's Weekend Trivia:
What is a catamaran? Looks like two boats put together!

Key West was at one time the richest city in the state of Florida. If you stop at the corner of Front and Duval, you will see two things that are a part of Key West. First the large First Union Bank originally built in 1886 with the huge mahogany balcony; how the heck did they get that up there?!

Next, if you stand on this corner long enough you will probably see every kind of transportation we have on the island. Taxi cabs, ped-i-cabs, automobiles, trucks of all kinds, shuttle bus, city bus, tour bus, two wheel bikes, three wheels and tandem bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, conch trains, trolleys, roller blades, skateboards, and walking. That is at 17 so far. To the left at the end of Duval you will see glass bottom boats.

Continue on Front Street to the boardwalk. At the foot o Front Street is A & B Marina. Here you will start to see all the forms of transportation we have in the water. Look for catamarans, sailboats (we are at the historic seaport near Schooner Wharf), schooners, motor boats, yachts, cabin cruisers, cruise ships, charter boats, tug boats, military boats, ferry boats, canoes, kayaks, row boats, water taxis and jet skis.

You know for a two by four mile island, we certainly like to have a lot of options to be on the move!

Get out on the water and sail with us! Join us again - Back tomorrow with another segment on the history of Key West and how we are doing sailing!

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Captain Albert, owner/operator, with
Ronda, wife, first mate, chief bottle washer, laundry, boat cleaner, chair psychologist office manager, et all

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