Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Warm and Wonderful Key West Historically speaking...

February 15, 2011

First Mate Nancy said it was so much nicer out and that sunset sail on Sunday, February 13th was incredible. We had a bit of chill the day before, but we all think we are freezing if it is less than 70 degrees.


Today's history from 1513 - 1821

The first important name connected to Key West was PONCE DE LEON who claimed it for Spain. (I did not realize that, did you?) The Indian tribe living here at that time was called CALOOSA or may have been known as Calusa. Pirates used the waters off Key West to rest between attacks and to hide their loot. Fish and sea turtles were part of the daily food. The US Coast Guard was here in Key West from 1820 chasing out pirates, wreckers and rum runners. In 1821, Florida became a territory of the United States.

That's your daily history lesson! Join us again and post anything you want to share.

The Southernmost point in the United States Key West, is located 157 miles from Miami and 90 miles from Cuba. This island is one mile wide and only three and a half miles long! You can be anywhere in Key West by bicycle or even by foot is little time. You are on "Key West Time" and we like it a lot more relaxed and much slower here.

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