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Ship's bLog: Key West Sailing Adventure 2/20/11

Ship's bLog: Key West Sailing Adventure 2/21/11

Happy President's Day-we were up at 5:45 am to make ready both Obsession for a couple doing one of our stay/sail charters at the docks with a sail to the reef included, and an overnight for Wild Thing for a mom, dad and three children all under 12.

Linens, towels, food, fuel, captain and mate were put together early, with a last review of where to go and what to expect. The sail boat Wild Thing is getting ready to launch in a few minutes (at 11:10 EST) for their noon departure. They are just getting the fuel situation worked out and last minute check on systems. The first mate, "Frenchy" and Captain Jim will prepare the meals tonight with breakfast for the family and lunch included. They will sail all day tomorrow and go out exploring until around sunset tomorrow.

It is a beautiful Florida Keys day for a sail to uninhabited islands overnight at anchor with dinner for the family under the stars!

Todays History Lesson:

A vocabulary lesson when the locals talk and say "gulf side" that means Gulf of Mexico, part of the ocean partly enclosed by land.

Schooner is one of the larger sailing vessels having a foremast and a main sail.

Pelican: world's largest web-footed bird.

"Charter" in Key West is to lease or hire, and you have lots of choices from various sized schooners or sail boats, speed boats, fishing charters to catamarans some with a lot of people on them and a very few that only take private sails like us:

The Key West seaport is on the Gulf side of the island. All size boats, ships, yachts and schooners can be found in this harbor.

Many people arrive by their own boat or yacht and live on them while here. The world famous schooner, Western Union was built in Key West in 1935. After many years away, it is docked here and a permanent part of our history. You may see other boat builders in the seaport area.

If you like pelicans, you will find them here. The pelicans hang around the docks until the day is almost over. They feed from fish the crew throw away when they fillet the fish caught by either themselves or the customers of the fishing charter boats. Pelicans can seem to embody a laid-back attitude almost lazy of hanging out relaxing just waiting for their next Keys meal. As you walk along you will see charter boats for fishing or trips to the Dry Tortugas. There is no drinking water at teh "dry" Tortugas, which explains the name.

This is where Dr. Mudd was in prison for setting the leg of John Wilkes Booth, the man who killed President Lincoln. Who knew that???!!

Thanks readers! That is your President's Day trivia and maybe the reason why you hear the negative phrase "his name is Mudd" meant derogatory

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