Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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Key West Sailing Adventures, Inc. Ship's Log/Blog
Today's History Lesson 3/2/11

The past week, we are enjoying a busy time on both sailboats with happy clients and busy crew members. This weekend we march into March like a lion with Thursday check in of two couples on Wild Thing and Saturday Obsession has a couple checking in. Both stay/sail charters have opted to stay several nights to enjoy the ambiance of living aboard a vessel in the Historic Seaport.

Today's History Lesson: 1921-1934:

Wrecking licenses were stopped. Cigar makers moved to Tampa, salt pond venture stopped. In 1932 the U.S. Navy station closed. In 1934 the City of Key West was bankrupt and the government stepped in to help with the rehabilitation.

This sounds familiar with our country's current condition. However, South Florida seems to be going into a tourism boom as the situation in Mexico, the middle east and other parts of the world have their share of problems right now, discouraging potential tourists from visiting outside the United States. We are located in the American Caribbean with the Temperate Zone changing to the Sub Tropic Zone at the Monroe County/Dade County line, located just above Jewfish Creek as you begin entering into the Florida Keys. Spring travels at 17 miles a day from the Equator, and arrives here in Key West first, weeks before the rest of the country. Come down and see for yourself what a trip out into the ocean will do for you and your state of mind.

We are "livin' on Key West Time"

Welcome everyone to your dream vacation!!! 305 304 4911

Call us for your ideas if you can dream it we will do it!

March 2, 2011

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