Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ship's bLog May and June Weddings

Ship's bLog We are starting to get more requests for weddings. We actually got married on our boat, handled everything we do for our guests normally that do weddings, so it was easy. For less than 3k, we do a complete wedding / honeymoon and it's more special when it's at sea. Tonight we booked another at sea adventure/wedding overnight!

Seems impossible that it is May already, and will be Mother's Day then Father's Day soon; families especially generational such as parents, with adult children and grand children like to come down for vacation during the summer when the reefs are so beautiful you can see through the water like glass!

Call us anytime you have an idea of something personal that you want to do at sea; family sailing, anniversary, celebrate a graduation, wedding/ honeymoon or restate your vows. It's your boat the whole time. We are different from some of the bigger boats, (which if you just want a quick trip out to sea with 40 other folks and don't mind that kind of trip, there are lots of those type of trips available here in Key West)- but we make sure that you feel relaxed have lots of breathing room and feel like you own your own yacht.

If you can dream it we will do it for you,

call me and ask how,

Capt. Albert

305 304 4911
9 am - 9 pm EST

May 3, 2011


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