Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ship's bLog A Dog Day Afternoon! Sunset was amazing

Ship's bLog we enjoyed a wonderful day at with our furry friends Starsha and Zeno the parti poodles on board with Alicia (daughter in law) and Alexandra (grand girl) Capt. Tom and new mate in training Tess. It was a good day to watch the sunset, and we must have missed the end of the world since Key West is magical and being out in the ocean, well, it would have been a good day if it all came to an end! Needless to say, we were very happy to have smooth sailing, nice breezes and just flawless sunset. We do have some people that we have had bring dogs on board, but we do interview the guests and make sure that it is as fun for the dog and safe too for all.

Check out our Face Book page for pictures of the parti poodles.

call anytime you want to plan your own "dog day afternoon" family, friends, couples, it was a little spot of rain that disappeared in seconds just cooled us down just as we came into port.....9 am - 9 pm, check out our rates, or just ask,we will come up with your own package ideas.

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