Monday, May 23, 2011

Key West Sailing Adventure - ready for the summer!

Key West Sailing Adventure Since the world did not end and we were out sailing waiting for the sunset, we decided "if it ends, we are at the end of the world this is the spot to be" .... we had on board our two parti poodles Starsha and Zeno with Alexandra and her mom Alicia, a new mate in training Tess, with Capt. Tom Spaulding, we set our GPS and could have navigated anywhere if need be. Seriously (well, as serious as we can be in the Florida Keys) ready for our summer, boats have openings so tell a friend to check us out since they can stay on board for their stay/sail charter and choose from a number of sailing packages. We do have an occasional request for pets to stay on board and we only ask if you would either make sure that they have their own cozy crate and that you at least have a good trained pet. Kind of like children; you just need to know your pet is ok with a boat. It's really easy to stay on board as we are in the middle of everything and it's just a few short steps to be anywhere when you are in the Historic Seaport. Call whenever you want more information at 304 304 4911 EST 9am - 9 pm and customize your package, tell us what you want. plan your vacation the way you want; live out the dream!!!

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