Sunday, May 1, 2011

Key West Sailing Adventure celebrates May day with you!

iGoogle Key West Sailing Adventure recognizes "May Day! May Day!" as May we win! Osama -zero Obama-WON
As sailors, we recognize the terror at sea that still happens when real live pirate types like Osama Bin Laden invade our land and sea.

Osama terrorized his own people and we should remember the monster did harm his own followers. It's not the religion as much as it is the insane gene that runs through the extreme terrorists. It is hard to say it but if we are truly "spiritual" and want peace, we must also take a moment to pray for peace and pray for the families that have already lost so much. Our Navy Corpsman son now stationed in Jacksonville and recently spent time in GTMO. We are sensitive to this because we live just 90 miles from Cuba/GTMO. Most people agree that the terrorists are world wide criminals and should answer for their crimes.

In the meantime, we must practice restraint and patience.

We are so lucky to have the opportunity to have good health even though we complain about just most anything, we do at least, have opportunities to make better choices in the USA.

Taking a vacation and to dream a little dream of Key West should be at the top of your healthy choices too. We just got back from an overnight last night, a bit dramatic for the folks from the Netherlands, at least three water spouts sighted as the sun went down, twelve miles out - but no worries, everyone was fine on their real live adventure. Thursday night, we had perfect weather beautiful sunset sunrise with moonset at the same time. The family had on board a three year old and we enjoy having them visit every year.

Water spouts are a bit scary at sea, so it can be a different day almost any day. Our captains are never slow to act and take care to make good decisions when it comes to weather conditions at sea.

Memorial Day is booked out, so if you plan to be here for Father's Day call or contact us soon. Rates are flexible if you want to make a deal for summer now is the time to book early and get the best discounts. Fourth of July is perfect especially if you anchor off and watch at sea. Ask about a Key West Sampler when you call us. Follow the old time pirate routes.

Call Captain Albert 9 am - 9 pm any day!

Ronda for Captain Albert
Peace, out!

May 1-2, 2011

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