Sunday, February 20, 2011

Key West Sailing Adventure 2/20/11

SUN-day was wonderful in the Florida Keys especially in Key West this weekend.  It is starting off tomorrow to be yet another fun filled and busy week!  We are having a staff meeting tomorrow, gearing up for overnight at anchor this week, and the boats will be occupied for stay/sail charters early in the week, then mid week after our   guests leave, we have another full set for both boats coming right behind them!  As my wife might say, "there is not enough room on the schedule to place a leopard frog" and we like it that way; sharing the boating/sailing Key West Experience, locals' style.

Today's trivia/ history lesson:
1868-1898: was when Cubans came to Key West to avoid military service in Spain (well, there's news to me, someone fleeing to our country to avoid serving war?) In 1869, Key West became the biggest cigar making industry in the U.S.  and it was during this time period, that the worst fire in Key West history destroyed over HALF OF THE ISLAND!  In 1898, the U.S.S. Maine sailed from Key West to Havana and was sunk-this started the Spanish/ American War!  How's that history buffs!  Canons rolled out firing right here in Key West.

More recent history is that Mallory Square Dock is the original place since 1880 to enjoy the sunset and a favorite for years. This is where folks just would start clapping at sunset and cheering.  Now yo will see free entertainment, arts that you may buy, usually some type of food offered too on the Square each evening 2 hours before and after sunset.  The entertainers do pay for their spot to perform, and they do rely on tourists to offer tips as do the artists, jewelry designers and other crafts offered must create a little fun for you, and please offer a tip for their hard work!  The Square has always been a focal point for Key West.  In the last 15 years many improvements have been made to this docks.  If you are in town on the right day, you may be able to watch the tug boats working to move a large cruise ships away from the dock.  Usually most cruise ships are gone by sunset.  Occasionally, a cruise ship might over stay their time but you can usually find a nice spot to get above it all to see the sun go down....BETTER YET< plan a sunset cruise with us, or a half or full day and roll into sunset.  Tell us what you want, it's all your boat for your private group or a cozy time for just you and someone special and time of the day you want to go..... see us at 

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