Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Party's Over, but it's always a FUN Festival in Key West!

The Fantasy Fest was a little bit rainy but, we had fun just the same; after all, with a theme like "Aquatic Afrolic", who cares? The snow and ice is already hitting places where friends and family are from Cape Cod to Colorado, and the rainy season is coming to a close here in the Keys. We have a stay charter we call the "Key West Sampler" for two checking into Obsession tomorrow and Nick and guest will stay at the docks the first night, relax and get used to the boat and get in step with the boat, stroll along the docks and take in a few sounds and sights, then Tuesday we come with their food and provisions, take them out on a 24 hour adventure sailing, snorkeling, fishing, exploring about ten miles out into the more natural Florida Keys. They will swim and relax, beach comb an uninhabited island, our first mate and captain treat them to a dinner under the stars (yes, we expect to have starry night with a nice slip of moon) and after an overnight at anchor, bring them back gradually the docks, after checking out a couple of reefs, and just sailing lightly back into the dock where they will spend one more night, maybe taking in the Duval night crawling spots. We cater to your whims and whatever package you choose, you can adapt to fit any day, tell us what you want! Come down and sail away with us! DECEMBER IS OPEN right up to the 23rd. THERE ARE A FEW OPENINGS BEGINNING AND END OF NOVEMBER.

Captain Albert and Ronda

9 am - 9 pm EST

305 304 4911

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