Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What a great 2012 so far! saving a spot for you!

Recently on a wonderful charter, we were given a parade of turtles!  Several just like this one, were beside our sailboat, munching away at the jellyfish....just goes to show you that there is a balance in our nature in the Florida Keys!  

Waters around Key West have been much cooler for the "locals" but it's like a spring time swim even with early January cool down, it's going to warm up later this weekend to 77 degrees.  Not so bad.

Wild dolphins love to follow us lately.  We have such a natural setting and we love to anchor off, cook and dine under the stars.  There are no worries.  Simple life, simple living.  Wonderful things to do.

 We enjoy the simple life of living on an island!  
 Fishing off of an uninhabited island, a tradition for some for years.
 Quiet times at anchor; we love to cook in the galley and eat under the moon light.
 Simple pleasures, simple life just watching the sunset with friends.
 Sailing into the sunset.  We have so many fun charters during the holidays.  It can only get better!
 Wait, there is more to come! more exciting news in the next few weeks.  We turned away probably 20 charters during the last two weeks of December.  We will be ready to have more space and boat time in 2012.  We love sharing the experience of being at sea, sailing with your family or friends.  Weddings have been so wonderful this past year, people making their soulful commitments on our boats.  
 We take the time to provide a crew and let you take the wheel and learn to sail.  It's part of the lifestyle here.
All of our best for 2012.  It's already taking off in exciting ways we cannot even share yet, still finesse to be done;  there are so many good things in store.  Stay tuned.  You won't be disappointed.  Best wishes, Ronda and Capt. Albert with the Parti Poodles, Starsha and Zeno, Rocky the wonder cat who hunts with hawks.  

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