Thursday, March 3, 2011

Key West Sailing Adventure: The Sailboats Wild Thing and Obsession are busy again this weekend! A Ship's bLog: March 3 - 2011

Key West Sailing Adventure: The sailboats Wild Thing and Obsession are busy again this weekend! Ship's bLog: March 3rd 2011

We just love March high "season" when we have so much fun, that people could not stop hugging me at the docks the other day. We had a family with children at sea for two days and they just could not be happier. It is one of those memories that far out lasts just a stay at a hotel. If you need an adventure experience to remember your Key West visit, truly you need to have a stay/sail charter with us. Family and Alternative friendly, we want you to enjoy the fun and feel of sailing with us.

Reasonable rates for extended stays of six or more days are available to you.

History Lesson of the Day-

We are up to the time period that was some of Key West's toughest years. However, the island ways are different from being on the mainland. Even with folks you are not close to, during harder times, you just work harder shoulder to shoulder. After all, if you are on an island, you just have what you have sometimes.

The Western Union was the last large boat built before the industry closed. Big News-hurricane wipes out the famous Flagler Railroad in the 30's. The islands were cut off from the mainland. Locals volunteered FOUR MILLION HOURS OF FREE LABOR to rebuild the island and work on the railroad. In 1941 the US Navy renews it's activity in Key West. The "big wars" happening during this time made Key West a critical location.

Hold your friends close, but keep your enemies closer; that is a saying that you would never understand unless you have been stranded on an island!

In other words, during hard times, on an island- you got what you got, make the best of it and wait until tomorrow to not be happy with your troublesome neighbors. Help out a brother or sister. Resume the battle lines another time.

You might actually bury that hatchet.

Good words, coming from the Conch Republic from Ronda and Capt. Albert; hey, someone share this with some of these crazy folks at war overseas. Save a sailor and a soldier, work with your enemies with their problems like islanders.

What if the world was bombarded by solar flares, world wide quakes or storms, or major planetary disasters, huge meteorites (like we had happen a couple of years ago at our Sugarloaf House when we were pounded for two and a half hours with thumb size meteors; I had to medicate Ronda when I said "what if those meteorites were the size of this house???"
Keep that emergency closet ready like we do for hurricanes. We don't worry about that much, we still party and have fun, but islanders prepare and relax in the sun until rough times. We know we have our friends and frienimies standing by.

Ok pontificating over argh me mateys! Git yer stash and swag it down to Key West Sailing Adventures, Inc. 201 William St. Historic Seaport right next to Schooner Wharf Bar and Restaurant, Key West.
]305 304 4911 9 am - 9 pm

PS: We own the weather but you know that by now...
Have a good afternoon, see you next time!

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